Wool Baby Socks

Before you bring a baby home from the hospital, a lot of important thing have to be purchased. One of the things most moms buy, or receive as gifts, are infant layettes, including infant socks.

Socks are more important than you realize! In fact, the best baby footwear for an infant up until its’ first birthday should be wool socks or booties. Infant socks should be large enough so they don’t restrict the feet. Infants cannot regulate their body temperatures so their wool socks can make sure they stay warm enough all day.

Infants usually only wear booties for the first few weeks, once you decide to change them into socks, try to Make special care that the socks fit properly; they shouldn’t be too tight… it can harm those little feet! Socks should be an inch longer than your babies’ toes.

Most parents are concerned when buying socks for their little infants. You should try to get organic pure cotton socks. Organic pima cotton socks will help keep your babies’ feet warm and cozy. Organic cotton helps to ensure that no chemicals come into contact with babies’ skin, as it’s a natural fiber. Caring for organic socks is simple and easy; you just need to wash them in a gentle detergent. You can get organic socks in any specialty organic shop or online.

Infant socks will become an important part in your babies’ wardrobe. Most people enjoy matching socks to the babies’ outfit. There are thousands of shades and colors out there for you to buy when choosing socks. There is also a wide variety of materials: Wool, cotton, and other materials such as hemp, alpaca, merino terry, and bamboo are great to buy. There is a debate about which is better, wool or cotton socks. Here’s some useful information to help you make the best decision for you and your little one.

Differences between wool and cotton socks


Wool socks are of higher quality then cotton, they last longer, which is why they are more expensive.


Cotton socks will cost you much less then wool. You can purchase 3 cotton socks for the price of 1 pair of wool sock.


Because wool socks are thicker, they regulate better to babies’ temperature and protect babies’ feet better than cotton socks.


Wool socks provide more warmth to babies’ feet then cotton ones because they are thicker.


Cotton socks draw in moisture, while wool grip socks will not absorb so much moisture. What moisture wool socks do absorb, wicks away from infant’ feet, cotton socks retain moisture.
Sheep’s wool does an exceptional job in absorbing sweat.

Odor Free

Wool socks help decrease odor because they regulate the temperature of your baby, Because they don’t get too hot so the microorganisms, which cause odor, don’t grow. Cotton socks do not regulate to temperature, so they do not offer this advantage.


There is a greater selection in cotton socks then wool socks. The reason, is because they are cheaper and more brands offer cotton.

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