Wireless Network Solutions

Wireless networks allow you to stay connected at all times and walk around the work area with your laptop without having to plug in to get connectivity. In an age when new technologies are emerging every day, most of us prefer not to connect our computers through Ethernet cables that make offices look extremely disorganized and cluttered. To do away with too many cables you can simply install wireless networks where a broadcast signal uses a single or more than one router.

The latter are equipped with a port that is connected then to the modem given by your Net provider. When relocating, all you need to do is to physically IT Support transfer the wireless network setup. Companies today are extending their networking capabilities to cover areas like Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation. This provides for increased efficiency and ultimately profitability. Emergency services also make use of wireless networking to transfer confidential data because it allows data to be sent and shared faster.

Wireless networks solutions offer many advantages:

1. Connectivity is easy even in regions having poor telecommunication infrastructure.
2. Useful for emergency services that need data transferred fast.
3. Wireless network interface can be conveniently used at home, at the workplace or anywhere for that matter without any trouble.
4. WLANs are easily affordable and available almost anywhere in the world.
5. Relocating only calls for a physical shifting of the interface and installing it at the new place.
6. No need for any cables to connect computers in the network.
7. Savings are guaranteed because cables and other equipments are not needed. A wireless network entails far less maintenance costs as compared to other types of network interfaces.
8. Wireless networking helps to improve productivity in the work area.
9. Wireless routers are pocket friendly and easily available in the market.

However regardless of its many advantages a significant drawback of this development is the health hazards that it brings in its fold. Continuous use of such networks may result in amnesia, lack of concentration, nausea and even life threatening illnesses like cancer. The environment too has been known to suffer because of the electromagnetic radiation that comes out of such networks.

Before to setting up your company’s network, a plan needs to be chalked out to consider all departments and their respective employees. Formulating a strategy and executing the plan in a phased way helps to ensure high success rates and allows you to manage the company budget for the plan more efficiently. A mobility road map or a survey is a precondition to setting up the net. This plan then helps to involve both internal and field workers and the entire work environment and guards against pitfalls along the way.


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