Tips On Getting Kids To Wear Sunglasses

As a parent you may already be well aware of the damage that excessive exposure to the sun can do to your children’s skin, and most likely are already taking the proper precautions to protect them when they are going to spend extensive periods outdoors. This includes such things as making sure they are wearing sunscreen, light colored clothing and even a hat.

You may not be aware however of the damage that the sun’s ultraviolet rays can inflict on your children’s eyes. Optometrists suggest that children as young as 2 years old should wear some form of eye protection when outdoors, as increased exposure to UVA and UVB rays can result in chronic eye disorders, such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

Getting your kids to wear wayfarer sunglasses can be challenging, but there are many ways to make the transition easier. Like many things in life, forming good habits will help your children to live more fulfilled, healthier and productive lives.

It has been said that habit forming can occur within as little as 10 repetitions, and since children crave structure, helping them to form the habit of always wearing their sunglasses outdoors should not be that difficult. Here are a few considerations to take in mind when trying to get your kids to wear their sunglasses:

1) Education

The first step is to educate your children on the importance of wearing sunglasses. If you have already formed the habit of wearing sunscreen or a hat when outdoors, it shouldn’t be too difficult to change the routine slightly to also include sunglasses. Explain that the sunglasses protect their eyes in the same way the sunscreen protects their skin. If they have ever experienced the unfortunate sensation of a sunburn, they will easily grasp the importance of sunglasses.

2) Shopping

After you have explained the importance of sunglasses, it is now time of the fun part – the shopping. Since children are really just young people, that have yet to experience all that life has to offer, as people they should have the right to be included in any decision that is made on their behalf. This includes something as simple as picking out a pair of sunglasses. Not only will your child be included, but by being allowed the freedom to choose a pair of sunglasses that represents their own style it will make the transition of forming the good habit of always wearing sunglasses outdoors that much easier.

3) Quality

One of the most important things to take into consideration when buying a pair of sunglasses for your children is that not all kids’ sunglasses are created equally. Those that are more of a toy than an actual pair of sunglasses may actually do more harm to your child’s eyes. Cheap plastic sunglasses that do not block 100% of UVA and UVB rays will expose their eyes to more ultraviolet radiation than if they were not wearing sunglasses at all. This is because the darkened lenses will force their pupils to dilate, there by allowing more of the harmful rays to get to the retina. So make sure whichever pair your child is leaning towards that they always have a sticker on them that says that they either block 100% of both UVA and UVB rays, meet ANSI standards, or that they block UV absorption up to 400 nanometers.

4) Comfort

It is crucial to find a pair of sunglasses for your child that fit properly, and not only to ensure that the are not falling off, with the possibility of getting broken, but to also make sure that they are comfortable enough to actually wear. You may be able to get your kid to wear their sunglasses as they leave the house, but let’s face it, if they aren’t comfortable enough we all know that they will be the first thing to be removed once your kid is out of sight.

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