The Art of Conversation in Building Business Relationships

Your success in every area of life will be influenced by the relationships you develop and maintain. The ability to communicate and converse with confidence and clarity is a key trait that will help you get to the top of your profession and field.

Without making these business relationships virtual roundtables or connections you may find your leads and work drying up in these challenging times. Now more than ever, your focus on getting out from behind your desk and into networking and conversing with others in business is critical to your future success.

It’s a commonly used phrase that people do business with people they ‘know, like and trust’ and your ability to converse and connect with others is the best way to establish this.

Here’s some quick tips to help you when you get out there and get networking:

o Listen carefully to what the other person is saying. Use your ears and mouth proportionately to hear the real meaning behind the persons words, notice body language, pace and tone as they will hold the clues to understanding them. The art of conversation begins with the ability to listen to others before you speak effectively.

o Treat the other person with respect. Communication is like a dance between two parties so be respectful in how you speak and listen. The way to form mutually beneficial relationships is to earn people’s liking and respect. This requires spending time with them, being attentive and respectful.

o Focus on building the relationship first. Avoid switching into sales mode the moment you meet a new contact, it will only chase them away. Spend time first on small talk before moving onto the purpose of the conversation. People who spend time getting to know others usually find more professional and personal fulfilment.

You’ve heard the old saying… ‘it’s not what you know but who you know”. So how many times has this proved true for you in your career and business?

By taking the time to tweak your positive communication and conversation skills you will improve your personal brand and begin to notice a dramatic difference in the way other people perceive you.

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