Promotional Mugs Are Earth Friendly

The “green” movement has grown a lot over the past few decades. Environmentally friendly organizations and corporations are popping up in many different industries. However, there are some industries that need to get on board and catch up. How can this be done? It’s a step by step process, so let’s discuss a great way to get started on the right path. Think about the big, negative impact that a disposable coffee cup has on the environment and imagine just how much travel mugs can assist in combating this harmful effect.

While we certainly do try to embrace reusable items and we attempt to reduce damaging environmental impacts, we still overall need to be more receptive to recycling practices and processes. People may not be aware that a growing number of coffee cups are crowding our landfills. When it comes to creating, using, buying, and selling disposable coffee cups, we need to push harder for reform.

Disposable cups cannot be recycled because of reusable coffee cup their waxy liners, which make these cups leak resistant and better insulated. Cups that can be recycles are becoming more popular, however but the optimal solution is using travel mugs instead of disposable cups. Travel mugs can be reused, they are portable and they provide better insulation than disposable coffee cups. They also save money and they can help save the environment! Awareness needs to be raised and more companies need to create incentives for using travel mugs.

While there are companies making efforts to reduce the use of these items, consumers need to take action as well. Many consumers do not use travel mugs very often simply because they forget to take them when they go somewhere. They need to get into the habit of bringing a mug along with them, whether they are off to work or are out and about running errands.

Disposable cups are a big problem in general; they contribute to a lot of the waste that is piling up in landfills, and they really are threatening to the environment. Paper coffee cups that are meant to be used when traveling often come have plastic lids that cannot be recycles. These plastic lids along with the waxy liners found in paper cups make the whole item non-recyclable. Unfortunately, another common alternative is Styrofoam cups, which is actually a lot worse because they are made from materials that are hazardous to the environment. Recyclable paper cups are a good way to solve many of these issues, but travel mugs are probably the best solution for the environment’s safety and health.

Mugs offer a lot of other benefits as well. They are quite cost effective; instead of emptying your wallet to buy a cup of specialty coffee each morning, you can purchase a whole bag of coffee for about the same cost. It’s easy to brew up your own coffee at home and by the time your coffee is ready to go, you too will be dressed and ready to get going! Travel mugs are also convenient because they are easy to handle and they are available in many different variations and styles. So check out promotional mugs when you are thinking of promoting your business and help keep our earth green!

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