Private Addiction Treatment: Home Detox – Innovative and Affordable

Analysis of the most recent data from the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System estimates a 113% increase in individuals making contact with structured drug treatment services between 1998/99 and 2005/06. This report states that 181,390 drug misusers sought help in England in 2005/06 and this data excludes the prison population. (Manchester University, National Drug Evidence Centre). These staggering statistics clearly indicate the need for a wider scope of drug treatment services in the UK.

It was because of rising statistics like these and the growing demand for safe, accessible drug and alcohol detoxification alternatives, that Beth Bacchus, co-founder of Detox At Home Ltd, was keen to make affordable, medically-supervised detox available to clients in their own homes. Bacchus comments, “We know that accessing quality addiction treatment can Marijuana Withdrawal symptoms be a costly, time consuming and difficult process. For many people with work and family commitments, entering a 4-6 week residential treatment programme is not a viable option. A home detox provides an immediate, safe alternative for those looking to end their habitual intake of addictive substances and then connect with their choice of recovery support services.”

Dr David Cooper, home detoxification expert and bestselling author of ‘Alcohol Home Detoxification & Assessment, adds “It is known that ease of access to treatment and interventions, at a time and place when the individual and family need it, is integral to enhanced outcome. By moving such barriers, the individual is presented with an opportunity take charge of his or her life under the knowledge that skilled help, support and relevant network of treatment and intervention is at hand.”

Enabling individuals to receive immediate access to high quality, affordable treatment with leading addiction specialists in a home environment has clear advantages; not only do clients receive their own dedicated live-in Clinical Nurse Specialist on a 24 hour basis, but also a personalised treatment programme, nutritional advice, a tailor-made relapse prevention plan and accompaniment to fellowship meetings like AA and NA. The in-house aspect also enables clients to maintain their cultural, ethnic and religious practices. The company provides aftercare support and has a network of counsellors and therapists to refer clients onto after completion of their treatment. Detox At Home’s Clinical Nurse Specialists also work closely with the client’s family and significant others helping them understand the disease of addiction thus ensuring all of those affected are fully supported.


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