How to Pick Sunglasses That Flatter Your Face Shape

Wearing stylish sunglasses is a great way to not only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but also to add some glamour to your look. But not every size sunglasses looks right on every shape face. Learning about the different shapes of faces can help you make the best choice when picking out sunglasses. Choosing a good pair of sunglasses can be costly, but it will also last you a while, so it is worthwhile to choose a pair that will flatter your face the most. Below are the different shapes of faces and the types of sunglasses that go best with them.

Oval: If you’re lucky enough to have an oval face, then you have a much bigger category of heart sunglasses to select from than other face shapes. Oval faces tend to have very balanced measurements, making them an easy shape to fit. You can wear just about any frame, so have fun and experiment with them all until you find what you like. Oval faces tend to be long and lean and have small proportions and high cheek bones, so your best bet is to stay away from very large round frames which may look silly on your small face.

Square: Square shaped faces tend to have very strong angles around the jaw line, cheek bones and forehead. This can be softened by wearing round or oval glasses which will add contrast to the face. You should stay away from square frames as this will harden and draw attention to your jaw line.

Round: Round faces have soft curves unlike square faces, but they lack angles. Create some angles on your face by wearing square or cool sunglasses. If you want to make your face look slimmer, go for rectangular shaped frames. Obviously, you want to stay away from round frames as they will make your face appear even rounded.

Heart: Heart shaped faces are wide at the top of the face and thin at the bottom, creating a lot of expression in the face. They are also more difficult to fit than the other types of faces. If you have a wide forehead, go for round frames which will soften your forehead area. If you have a very narrow chin, frames that are wider at the bottom will help balance your face. Since heart shaped faces tend to be wider in the top and thinner in the bottom, sunglasses with heavy decoration tend to exaggerate those features, so it’s best to stay with simple frames.

Once you’ve chosen the types of sunglasses that fit your face, it’s a great investment to buy them in wholesale. Sunglasses can be worn year long and make great gifts. Get several different types for people with different shaped faces.

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