Garden Pond Waterfalls – Could It Improve Your Health?

Scientific studies have shown that ions which are found in the air we live in are full of negative and positive ions. Now we can talk about the good and bad guys here, with the negative ions being the super heroes and the positive ions being the villains. So what does all this have to do with garden pond waterfalls?

Well what it actually comes down to is that negative ions are found more abundantly around waterfalls, rivers and even during storms. What these negative ions do is pull impurities out of the air by grabbing onto the impurities, and lowering them to the ground where we are less exposed to them.

In fact scientific studies have shown that negative ions have an effect on the serotonin levels in the brain where it reduces them, which creates a more relaxed and laid back reaction. This would make sense why many people when enjoying the atmosphere of garden pond waterfalls are so relaxed and stress reduced. It could very well be that there is an increased presence of negative ions as a result of the waterfalls situated in the pond garden. The magnitude and quantity of course would depend on the size of the waterfalls and the surrounding atmosphere.

There is no doubt that the world is seizing the opportunity to try to take advantage of negative ions with so many ion producing products being available on the market. It would seem though that the garden pond waterfalls which is the closest thing to nature when it come to waterfall producing ions has been overlooked.

There are far more benefits to sitting by a garden pond and listening to the flowing water and enjoying the ambiance of a pond, than sitting indoors huddled around an artificial negative ion producer that is making an irritating noise.

Once people realize the potential benefits that a garden pond waterfall could afford them, by way of even a little more exposure to negative ions, there is pond builders no doubt this will be their preferred choice of action.

In fact when one weighs out the cost factor, chances are it is much cheaper to install a pond and derive multiple benefits from the pond garden waterfall then it would be to buy a costly unit.

So if you are considering doing something cost efficient for your health and that of your family, then you may really want to consider putting in some form of garden pond with a waterfall. So go ahead, grab as many of those negative ions as you can get, they are good for you.

Aside from the potential health benefits in respect to healthy ions, there is always the stress reduction attributes that a garden pond waterfalls has to offer. Who can resist the gentle sounds and sights that this wonderful pond garden has to offer?

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