Different Carhartt Shirts For Different Styles and Needs

If you want a shirt that lets you express yourself confidently and with style, go with a Carhartt shirt. These are different from all the others you typically see being sold.

One of the popular Carhartt shirts is the Short Sleeve Ripstop Woven Shirt. It is made from 100% cotton ripstop fabric. What’s ripstop fabric? The name says it all — it’s fabric that is tear and rip resistant. If your job involves construction or tasks where you risk tearing or ripping your clothes, wearing a shirt made of this kind of fabric is ideal. However, this one is also perfect as casual wear, not just for work. It’s main seams are triple-stitched for extra durability, and it has a spread collar with a separate band and button closure, making this shirt comfortable to wear. The two chest pockets come with flaps and button closures which convert into open pockets, instantly giving the wearer a glamor look. The left sleeve has a double-pen stall and a leatherette logo of Carhartt is sewn on the left pocket.

Another Carharrt shirt is the Short Sleeve Plaid Shirt. This shirt was designed a bit more formal so that you can wear to the office. However, it also works for casual. It is made from 100% ring-spun cotton and has a soft finish. This Carhartt shirt’s main seams are hoody Oregon double-stitched. It features a button-down collar, and like the previous shirt, this has a separate band and button closure to make it easy and comfortable to wear. The front left pocket has the leatherette Carhartt label sewn on it.

Carhartt’s Midweight Flannel Plaid Work Shirt is manufactured using 100% ring-spun cotton flannel. It’s comfortable to wear and features a back yoke that has a centered box pleat and a button-down collar with a separate band and button closure. This shirt features two chest pockets, providing excellent storage with their button closures. Made from fabric that is flame-resistant, this work shirt has cuffs that are adjustable. And like all the tight weave helps block wind from stripping away body heat.

Do you have a difficult time each day deciding which shirt is the best to wear? You will never have a hard time deciding with this brand, particularly the Short Sleeve Work Wash Twill shirt. You can wear this as is or you can wear it under a long sleeve shirt. It is made using 100% ring-spun cotton twill and it is perfect to wear when the weather is warm. The fabric has been work washed, giving it a soft finish. Its button-down collar has a separate band and button closures. Like the previous Carhartt shirt, this twill work shirt has a back yoke that has a centered box pleat, allowing for easy movement when you’re out and about. The shirt has a left chest pocket where the leatherette Carhartt label is sewn.

The Carhartt S162 Ripstop Work Shirt Short Sleeve is made of 100% cotton ripstop fabric. If you want a highly durable shirt to wear for work, this is it. It features two convertible pockets on the chest. You can either button down the pockets to secure anything you place in them or you can tuck the flaps in to give the shirt an open-pocket look. There is a double-celled pocket on the left sleeve, which makes for an ideal storage spot for safety glasses and similar items.

Another great Carhartt shirt is the Long Sleeve Tradesman Work Shirt. This is perfect to wear at work. It has a unique shirt featuring a double-front utility pocket on the left side of the chest. This long sleeve shirt can be worn as work shirt or a dress shirt — you pick how you want to wear it! It has a centered box pleat to ensure a perfect fit across the shoulders and back. It is reminiscent of your Sunday best shirt because of the mitered cuffs that have adjustable button closure and a button-down collar. This shirt, like all the other Carhartt shirts, is durable.

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