A Central Heating Power Flush Could Be The Answer To Your Heating System Problems!

A Central Heating Power Flush has a few different names such as Power Flushing, Jet Flushing and Hard Flushing it is a procedure that cleanses your heating system and boiler with high pressure, low velocity water and clears debris and corrosion. Cleansing chemicals are added to make it even more effective.

When air is in the heating system, it corrodes the heating system internally producing iron oxide sludge deposits in radiators and other important iron components. The sludge sticks to all surfaces and causes premature failure of pumps, valves radiators, boiler heat exchangers and hot water heating coils. Which reduces overall efficiency and wastes costly fuel.

The Central Heating Power Flush will cleanse the pipes, pump, Geen warm water boiler and all the components in a heating system which have over time built up damaging sludge and debris. Statistics show that many malfunctioning boilers are replaced unnecessarily and would have been better off having a power flush performed.

A central heating power flush can take up to 4 hours or longer depending on the size of the system, but a general rule of thumb is 8-10 Radiators will take 4 hours to cleanse the system properly.

To know if your boiler needs a power flush, tell tale signs are brown water, when bleeding radiators, boiler noise (kettling), radiators cold or cold spots, radiators cold at the bottom and hot at the top and even excessive energy bills.

Warning – Corrosion with in Central Heating systems accounts for up to 90% of all system and boiler failures.

If your boiler is making a noise like a boiling kettle, it is imperative that you call a heating engineer as soon as possible, a Hard Flush maybe an inexpensive remedy, as the boiler’s heat exchanger could be getting jammed from the debris, and could well fracture leading to expensive repair costs or even a whole new boiler. Further, modern boilers are particularly susceptible to this as they are more compact than there elder relatives and debris can block the smaller components and pipe work.

Due to the economic conditions we live in, more and more people are putting their heating way down on the priorities list. Jet flushes can reduce your bills and increase the efficiency of a boiler and heating system by up to 35%. In fact, before a problematic heating system has been power flushed, it could be wasting up to a third of energy. So if you keep a well maintained heating system it will in fact save you a lot of money now and in the future.


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