30 Best Sites For Making Money With Your Blog

Over the years I have been doing tons of research getting my blogs to take off. I wanted to create some nice niche blogs that could make money on a consistent basis. I have compiled a list of the best sites I have found for making money online with your blog:

1. ProBlogger: What list would be complete without ProBlogger. This guy has made some serious cash from his blogging ventures and he shares a lot of great tips on his blog. Make sure to check it out when you get a chance, but be sure you have plenty of time. There is a ton of information to digest from this site.

2. BloogerNoob: This site has been very helpful as far as how to make money from blogs. It talks about where to get advertising and where to sign up for affiliate marketing. He also shows his income from blogging and it isn’t a ridiculous amount. Last year he made $25,000 from his blog and he shows the exact earnings from different advertising techniques.

3. JohnChow: This guys site has a lot of random stuff mixed in with blogging topics. But in my opinion it makes things a little more interesting. So check it out and have a good laugh at the same time.

4. CarloCab: Don’t let his age fool you. He may be young be started making money online when he was 13. He is up there with some of the big hitters of the industry and his website provides some great insight into making money online.

5. Technorati: This is a great place to add your blog to. This is probably one of the biggest if not biggest blogging communities out there. It can get you some great exposure if used right.

6. StevePavlina: This guy’s website doesn’t have all the glitz and glam as other sites. But the content is top rated. If you are trying to make money with your blog this is a great resource with many great articles to help you in your quest to monetize your blog.

7. ShoeMoney: This guy is one of the big guys in the blogging industry. His advice is awesome but again this is one of those sites where you need lots of time to go through all of the great content. This is another one of my favorite sites to check when I have some time.

8. BloggingTips: This site has a lot of useful content. It has articles on how to monetize your blogs but it also includes themes for your blog, a forum, and many other areas of blogging interest. Be sure to check this one out.

9. BlogHerald: The two biggest things I love about this site are the podcasts and the interviews. I love listening to the podcasts when I’m driving to work or have some spare time. It makes it so I don’t have to be in front of a computer in order to get some updates. I also really like that they have a section devoted to interviews, I find it very interesting to see how other people have made it in this industry.

10. UpstartBlogger: Once you get past the layout of the blog (It is setup similar to a newspaper), you will find some good advice. One thing I like about this blog is it actually has monthly reports on how much money it generates. There is also a wealth of knowledge and resources for other blog related stuff.

11. DailyBlogTips: This site has many great articles on blogging and I still have yet to check out everything. But from what I have seen it has been very helpful in getting my blogs off the ground.

12. CopyBlogger: This blog has many great tips on getting readers to your blog and other ways to monetize your blog site.

13. BloggingPro: I was recommended to check this site out from a friend and haven’t gotten a chance to look over it much. But I have read a few articles and they all seemed rellevant and well put together.

14. Blogtrepreneur: This site has some great content on many things. I liked the blogging section and the SEO section. The AdSense and affiliate marketing section is also very interesting.

15. BuildABetterBlog: In blogging content is king. And that being said this site is about building better blogs with more enriching content.

16. Widgetbox: Seeing as how we are half way through our list I figured I would throw something fun in the mix. Every blog needs a little sprucing up so head over to widget box and find that perfect widget to make your blog stand out.

17. BloggingExperiment: This is a guy that mostly has experience flipping websites. So a lot of his advice is pretty interesting. The interesting thing about this site is they have movies that you can watch about how to make money online through various means.

18. BloggerUnleashed: This guy has a really interesting perspective on blogging in my opinion. You will just have to check it out to see what I am talking about.

19. Blogsessive: My favorite section of this site is the “Best Blog Tips” section. This has a lot of the more interesting posts of the year.

20. GarryConn: This guy has lots of advice on how to make money online. Its a good stop in your blogging experience.

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